Can my dog eat eggs? Can they eat carrots? Are human foods okay for dogs?

Can a dog eat eggs?  How about eating oranges?  Can a dog eat carrots?  Are human foods okay for dogs?

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These are all questions that new pet owners ask.  And, it’s with good reason that people should be asking those questions.

Having domesticated dogs as part of the family has deep roots with our ancestors. In fact, the oldest dated “dog” was found buried with his master over 14,000 years ago!  What!  That’s insane and incredible. ( Btw, the link to the article is here.

That’s pretty amazing.  But, whats even more amazing is how the diet of dogs have evolved to eat what we eat.  Now, dog food that it’s specifically formulated for them is probably better for them.

But, they can still eat things like eggs and certain vegetables for example spinach and carrots and potatoes these are starchy root vegetables they actually you know dig up and eat. 

Also, fruits including berries many wolves still eat berries and they actually can eat certain types of fruit including oranges tangerine certain citrus fruits can be incorporated into their diet.

Dogs differ from cats

Whata interesting is that it’s kind of different from cats, cats can only eat certain types of you know meats and fats and really can’t eat citrus related fruit. So, dogs can eat quite a bit more variety than what we would be able to feed our pet cats.

So, with that being said it’s okay to feed your dog, eggs, potatoes, carrots, peas all these are fruits and vegetables that we normally eat you can go ahead and feed and you should be fine. 

You know dogs are meant to eat now what we kind of eat. They actually have certain enzymes in them that allow them to go ahead and process these nutrient dense foods.

List of foods that are safe (this list will be updated continuously!)

So here’s what everybody is waiting for.  Here’s a list of foods that are appropriate for you for legged friend.  

This list was provided by medical news today.


Carrots are wonderful for dogs.  One of the most healthful benefits is that carrots help clean their teeth by scraping and cleaning in a natural way.  Carrots are also really crunchy and give a nice crunchy texture to the dogs.  They are also low in calories and shouldn’t cause too high of an insulin spike.  

The only concern is that carrots have a good amount of vitamin A which can be great for a dogs coat giving it a nice healthy, shiny sheen.  Also it is beneficial to the dogs immune system.  

Too much though can be toxic to a dogs health so carrots should be fed in moderation.


Apples are also great for dogs and guess what?  They love them!  Well, my dog any way.  

Some of the benefits are that the apples provide vitamins A and C.  

Also the pectin in apples provide an amazing source of fiber.  The fiber provides a great way for dogs to regulate their digestion.

There is a little bit of a danger though in that rotting apples can ferment into alcohol and alcohol can poison dogs, so be aware of how old those apples are!

White rice

How about cooked white rice?  Its actually a pretty good option especially when dogs have upset stomachs.  Why?  Well, cooked white rice is very bland and it helps provide bulk for the stool.  It helps dogs pass food along their digestive tract.  

There is a little danger though in that it can cause diabetes if given too much and often enough.  The reason being that the it can cause insulin spikes are high level of blood sugar.  

So keep the rice handy for when your little ones are sick but stay away from regularly feeding them rice.

Dairy products

A lot of people wonder if their dogs can eat dairy.  I’m one of them!  And to be honest, it is safe if a very small amount is given.  So things such as cheese, plain yogurt are safe because one they have been fermented and two the lactose sugars have been dissolved.  

Still, some of these products can still have lactose, the sugar that requires the enzyme lactase and most dogs do not have high levels of the enzy,.

Aslo, some dogs have extremely low levels of lactase and are considered lactose intolerant (like many of us humans!) and this can cause extreme digestive issues – anybody know the song to diahrrea?  Well, you might be seeing a little of that!


Fish rock!  And they rock for dogs!  All the norms can be given to dogs including 

salmon, tuna, shrimp, bass, trout –  are all safe for dogs to eat and good sources of protein.  Surprisingly, shrimp is also fine for you dog as long it is cooked!  It needs to be cooked in order makesure the bacteria that is naturally present in shellfish is killed.  In fact, your little mutt can get something called shellfish toxicity if it isn’t cooked so make sure those dang things are cooked!  

Now the fishes contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and those can really help with providing low levels of imflammaion and also provide that amazing coat.  Also, don’t be shy about giving your dog some of that crispy skin as that is where a lot of those omegas are loaded.

Some other benefits include high vitamin B levels which can help your pups digestive system and give them that healthy shiny coat!  Are you starting to see a trend here?  Good food means good skin and coat health.  


So how about chicken?  Yes!  Its ultra healthy for your dog!  The dark and white meat are both considered safe, but the dark meat is probably better in that it has higher levels of blood and fat which is essential for a pups health.

Chicken can also be substituted and can be used as a topper of for you pets food.  So go ahead and let you dog have it – I know my dog will drool a puddle just getting a whiff of it cooking in the oven.

Since chicken is relatively easy to digest its also considered a safe option for your pooches upset stomach.  When providing cooked chicken make sure that the salt content is low and there isn’t any seasonings.

Peanut butter

How about peanut butter?  

Well of course!  In fact peanut butter contains many healthful benefits including healthy fats and proteins.  Also, vitamins E and B are combined with niacin.  Just be careful!  Reason being that peanut butter that isn’t all natural contains added sugars and sweeteners and those are no-nos for you dog!