What Is The Best Dog Food For My Dog

Looking for the best pet foods and toys and today we're looking at a meal topper and black dog poop!

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So what Pet Food Is The Best To Buy?

First of all – great question!  And we also want to say thank you for visiting the family pet club as we explore what we find to be the best for everyone’s pooch! 

Speaking of pooches,my dog Trooper had a little problem with his poop the other day.  As we all know, as owners of pooches there is a real problem for your whole family if your dogs poop turns the nasty black.  The reason this is so scary is because it can mean that your pet (either dog or cat) might have internal bleeding.  Can you imagine the scare?  

By the way heres a picture of my dog troop.  Isn’t he adorable!  But, what came as a shock to us (my family) is that we had one of the highest rated foods on the market.  My question was, did his dog food somehow damage my dogs health?  For example did it cause black stool?  Well, what we found out was that our pooch may have been extremely dehydrated.  


So what food did we go out and grab? This may be the best pet food topper for me and you.


It was the Meal Mixers from Stella and Chewys.  You have got to hand it to Stella and Chewys, they seem to be everywhere and seem to have tons of different foods! Here’s a link to their site (no, it is NOT an affiliate site) but you can see what they are up to. I know! ITS pretty snazzy! Still the official product we bought was:

The beef meal from Stella and Chewy's product line.
Stella and Chewys

So this food is dehydrated but on the taste factor its as good as can food. My dog really loves this food and will actually come up to me fifteen minutes before his normal dinner time and start “nudging me” – yes, how cute! But, will nudge until he gets his food! So his love of this food is great. In fact if I were to rate this food I’d give 4 out of 5 stars.

Why 4 out of 5? Well, in terms of pet food one of the big things I look for are foods that won’t hurt my pets. And, while I believe it is somewhat user error, but its also somewhat on the company for not explicitly telling people to rehyrdate the food.

So, going back to the previous point – remember when I talked about my dogs poop? Well, guess what happened when my dogs food was hydrated. His stool got magically better!

That’s right! So, there probably was some correlation between the dog food and the poop. So what guidelines did we end up using to rehydrate?

Super simple. All you do is fill the food in a cup (about 1/2 cups worth for my dog – it might be more of less depending on the weight) and then add as much water as you did the food – so this again would have been 1/2 cup.

After this, my dog seems a whole lot better. I wonder if there fact that they food is severely dehydrated can also pull moisture from the intestines and the digestive tract? Not sure, but something definitely felt fishy.

I believe we’re going to go back onto wet can food for a bit to make sure he’s completely get hydrated and then we’ll give these another go. Next time though we’ll make sure to add the water.

So what flavor are we going to get? Not sure but here are the different ones for dog toppers:

First of 4 flavor
Last 3 flavors for Stella’s and Chewy

So there you have it. Well probably try the salmon flavored one as Trooper tolerates that one the best.

Well hope you can find some comfort in this for and hopefully your pooch will love you for it!